Do you need to have your own product to “make it” in the world of internet marketing and online business? This is one of the age old questions among internet marketers and has been asked and answered many many times since internet marketing’s inception. I have heard so many different opinions on this. There are those that say you absolutely need to have your own product to succeed in internet marketing and there are those that say no way, it’s not necessary at all. So who’s right, who’s wrong?

I really think that everybody is right. What?! Yes, having your own product is wonderful but certainly not necessary. You can take your product, build a site around the product, create an affiliate program and have others sell it for you, etc… and that works. However, if you don’t have your own product, you can certainly become successful as an affiliate marketer, selling other people’s products. I know internet marketers that have become hugely successful by creating and selling their own product, but on the other hand, I also know some extremely successful affiliate marketers and that’s all they do.

I think a better point is what do a successful internet marketer with his/her own product and an successful affiliate marketer have in common? Motivation and Passion! It takes motivation, passion, drive and ambition to succeed at any endeavor you choose and internet marketing is no different. You need to have passion and love for what you are doing to keep you drive and ambition alive!

Whether you are marketing your own product or someone else’s as an affiliate marketer, your success is definitely related to how passionate you are, how focused you are, how much you believe in the product and how effective your marketing techniques are.

What do you think?

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