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You Win! Just Take Action…

If you are ready to change your life for the better by signing up for John Thornhill’s Marketing Masterclass but are unable to make the full payment upfront I have great news!

I just learned today that John has introduced several easy payment plans to allow you to pay in easily affordable installments! Excellent news!

Couple this with John’s guarantee that if you decide the program is not for you in the first 4 weeks you can have a 100% refund… now you really have no reason not to make that leap of faith and begin your journey to financial independence!

I’m pretty sure that this news will see the remaining spots John has left snapped up quickly, so please, don’t delay.

John Thornhill’s Marketing Masterclass

Success is yours…just take action!

John Thornhill’s Marketing Masterclass


John is launching his BEST SELLING Marketing Masterclass coaching program TODAY!

Those of you who know me, know that I attribute much of my own online success to John. I have followed his teachings very closely and am living proof he knows how to make people very successful online! You could be next!

John provides personal training, not just some ebooks or videos for you to watch, but the real deal! He is one of the top internet marketers and I have personally learned a great deal from him.

I realize that over the next week or so you will probably be bombarded with emails from every Tom, Dick & Harry tempting you to buy John’s Masterclass Program from them…Why? Because they are after a nice commission check from John. But that’s all…

Yes, I’ll receive a commission too, but just let me state up front, I’m not in this for the money! The truth is I really want to help you succeed! And this is how! I’ve been where you are and have followed and worked with John – he’s the main reason I enjoy online success. There is no better training than this, than what John can teach you.

Last year this training started the careers of some names you probably know – It’s that POWERFUL!

If you truly want to succeed online and learn from the best, get involved. Just do it…it’s worth every penny! Check it out…

John Thornhill’s Marketing Masterclass

To your most awesome success,

You Will Never Succeed Online…

Hard to hear right? I’ve just got to tell you…

John Thornhill has just released a shocking brand new report that explains how most people will never succeed online no matter how much they spend on various marketing products.

I must admit this report is going to upset a few people but John has said people need to know why they are constantly being spoon fed information that will never help them.

This report is a real eye opener and it will make you see things differently.

I would suggest you go and check this out now as John has told me he will be taking it down in a few days time. It’s not to be missed. And it’s Free!

Check it out Here!

Good Stuff!!

3 Easy Steps to Promotion!

Hello… hope you’re having a great day!!!

Just wanted to do a quick post – Here’s a brand new freebie PDF from my friend Marlon Sanders:

“The Only 3 Steps You Need To Make Tons Of Sales Online In 2010″!

It’s a great read AND no opt in required!

See ya soon!

Private Label Rights Simplified

Private Label Rights Simplified

PLR, or private label rights, is content that (according to “can be sold and bought in the form of articles, reports, eBooks, and autoresponders. This kind of content is used for the purpose of allowing multiple buyers to invest in the content with free rein to alter and use it by claiming authorship of it.”

So, what does that mean for website owners and online marketers?…

Simply that you don’t have to spend the time writing your own content from scratch. This is a huge benefit, especially if you own more than one website.

There’s no need to pay a ghostwriter to write articles, newsletter content, etc. for you. With PLR you can have content that brings your readers back to visit again and again, without investing a significant amount of time and/or money.

In addition to it costing less and requiring little work, using private label content is also the fastest option for launching *multiple* products into the marketplace and establishing credibility as an authority in your chosen niche.

The neat thing about PLR is how it can be used over and over in various forms. For instance, let’s say you purchase PLR in the form of articles. Once you receive your articles, you read them over, make changes to them adding your own voice (i.e. make them your own), altering them for your target market, adding key points, etc.

Then you can turn around and use those articles as content in your autoresponder, while also compiling them into a small report which you giveaway to promote your website.

Once your basic outline is in place, those same articles can then be expanded to create a full-blown ebook, or even a high end video product.

Imagination is truly your only limit!

If I had to sum up using private label rights (PLR) in 4 steps, here is what they would be…

Step 1: Find Quality PLR Content/Products

Step 2: Improve/Personalize/Customize

Step 3: Add to Marketing Arsenal

Step 4: Repeat The Process

The challenge for most marketers is getting past step one and developing a “plan” for what they are going to do with the content once they find it.

Most people purchase PLR content with no clue what to do with it, therefore it sits on their hard drive collecting digital dust instead of putting cash in their pocket.

Here are some ways you can put PLR content to good use:

*Publish a “Featured Article” for your ezine or newsletter

*Build trust with your readers in an effort to promote a related product (either your own or as an affiliate)

*Generate ideas for new blog posts or podcasts

*Compile into an email / blog series or informative report

*Create something of more value such as an ebook or video course

*Raise your selling point by offering the resale / private label rights to your content

*Launch a niche membership site for recurring income

*Start a Coaching program as a leading authority in any niche

*Boost your Affiliate Program by offering ready made content to your affiliates

*And plenty more!

Having a strategy in place makes ‘cashing out’ with PLR content a whole lot easier (and a lot more fun too!)

I want to introduce you to an excellent (free) plr and internet marketing resource run by a good friend and fellow internet marketer Billy Davis. Check out Monster Profit Blog!

To your success! Have fun!

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5 Questions I Recently Asked Myself…

5 Questions I Recently Asked Myself

So, yes…it has almost been a month since I have posted here! :0 And yes, I was somewhat surprised myself that it has been that long because we all know that consistent blogging is key to a successful blog. However, that being said, let’s just say I took a minor “break” from affiliate marketing and concentrated on all aspects of my ebay business, product creation (both of which will really take off in2010!), and social media.

Affiliate marketing is a passion for me, always has been. But recently, a site/program that I promoted and am earning monthly recurring commissions from still has not paid out. Going on 5 months now and to date I haven’t received a dime. I did get in touch (finally) with the owner and was told that I’d be paid in 1-2 days… hmmm, that was last month.

This plus some other things I had going on really got me thinking… should I take a complete break from affiliate marketing? is all the hard work really worth it? should I concentrate 100% on creating my own products? And you know, when all was said and done… I love affiliate marketing! I know that having my own product is even better and I’m working on that, and I do have other income streams in place, but affiliate marketing just rocks for me. So no, I won’t be putting affiliate marketing on the back burner anytime soon.

During the week between Christmas and New Years, I did a lot of thinking and reflecting, and asked myself these questions, came up with a plan of action, and now I’m going to take on 2010 like there’s no tomorrow!

What is it that I really want?

Am I happy doing what I’m doing now?

What changes do I need to make (if any) to get to what I really want?

What motivates me?

What makes me tick?

Answering these questions helped me formulate a plan of action for my online businesses and gave me some new personal insight as well. Take the time, really think about things and come up with your plan for success in 2010! is my secret weapon! ;)